Reduce Your Taste of the Wild Cost Today!

Pic of dog for Taste of the Wild Coupons websiteIf you’re looking for Taste of the Wild coupons in order to save some money on dog food (or cat), you’ve come to the right place! It’s probably safe to assume that if you’re looking for a coupon, then you are looking to save money on pet food (I know…my deductive reasoning skills are phenomenal)!

The whole point of a “coupon” is to help us get the best price possible on a given product. For this reason, I spent about an hour scouring the internet in order to find the best price I could on this wonderful dog food…and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

All of the places I found that even offered Taste of the Wild coupons had their “starting” price so high, that even with the coupon, the price was still high. On top of that, almost every place I found charged for shipping, so even if the product price was decent, once you add in the shipping, the cost of a 30lb bag was well over $50.

After checking tons of online stores, I finally found a place that has a good price and offers free shipping. Just as importantly, it is an online store with a great reputation (which was important to me).

So who is this magical retailer?!

Breakdown of Their Taste of the Wild Price vs Other Retailers

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula (30lb Bag)

Picture of Dog Food I purchased Price with shipping:

Amazon: $46.99
800PetMeds: $65.89 $51.94   $52.94
PetfoodDirect: $63.74

As you can see, Amazon blows away the competition with their free shipping. Plus, when you buy from them, you know you get excellent customer service, and hassle-free return shipping (paid by them) if you need it for some reason.

I took the liberty of creating a link that will take you directly to their selection of Taste of the Wild products. Just click below to go there now:



Additional Money-Saving Tip

While conducting my research, I made an additional observation that will save you more money on your pet food purchases: ALWAYS buy the larger 30lb bags instead of the smaller bags.


Because you receive a significant discount on a "per pound" basis when buying in a larger quantity! Here's an example:

If you bought a 15lb bag, it would cost approximately $29. So if you bought 2 bags (which would equal the same amount of food as a single 30lb bag), it would cost you $58.

That same 30lbs, if bought in a single, larger bag, costs $46.99….That's quite a difference!!!

So go ahead and buy the larger bag; even if you have a smaller dog. Just keep the bag sealed up, and the food will last.

Taste of the Wild Coupons Conclusion

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I hope you found my research helpful! Good quality pet food can get expensive, so I like to save money where I can.

Instead of spending your valuable time conducting the same grueling search that I did, just save yourself the time and head over to Amazon for the best deal on this outstanding pet food. And the best part is you won’t even need Taste of the Wild coupons to get the savings!